Dental Imaging Methods

Our dentist uses several dental imaging methods at our office to accurately diagnose oral health issues and plan precise treatments. The type of x-rays or other imaging needed will depend on your unique symptoms. Additionally, x-rays are also performed at least once per year as part of your biannual exam and teeth cleaning. 

Digital X-Rays

Traditional film x-rays were a lengthy process and resulted in alarming amounts of radiation exposure. Today, our dentist uses digital x-rays instead. The machine is connected to a computer so the images are displayed immediately. Our dentist can quickly examine them, identify any abnormalities and discuss treatment options with you, all within a few minutes' time. The process also requires far less radiation exposure, making digital x-rays much safer for our patients.

Intraoral Camera

The intraoral camera is a common type of digital x-ray used by our dentist when a clear view of the interior of your mouth is needed. These x-rays are comfortable and quick. 

There are three different types of x-rays taken wiht an intraoral camera: 

  • Occlusal x-rays are ideal when an overview of the arch and location of teeth is needed to identify misalignment and plan for orthodontic treatment. 
  • Periapical x-rays show the entire structure of the tooth, from the crown to the root, and are used to identify any abnormal changes or growths.
  • Bitewing x-rays focus on the enamel of the teeth to identify cavities and the deterioration of dental restorations like fillings. 

 in Bloomington, Illinois, has a dedicated team of professionals on board to evaluate and address all of your dental concerns. Identifying the problem is the first step for our dentist to recommend appropriate treatment solutions. 

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